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the AlterCoder Script

A basic membership script so you can limit access to your content to members only. Coming Soon!

Altercoder Script demo v0.8

Basic Arcade Script

A basic arcade script that is easy on server resouces. Great for shared hosting!

Arcade demo - original template

AlterCoder Arcade Script

We are working on upgrading the arcade script with some new features. You can see what we've gotten done so far on these links.

Upgraded Arcade demo - original template
Upgraded Arcade demo - minimalistic template
Upgraded Arcade demo - another template

We intend to make available mods as we get them coded, such as a blog mod, newsletter, a high score mod, and hopefully even a tournament mod. If you would like to code one of these for us, or others, please let our man brendgard know, along with your price.

Feeds 2 MySQL

A demo is on our sales site at Feeds2MySQL.com

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