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- Come have fun!
Random Free Game - Lone Faction



Description: Kill the drones while escaping to safety

this one goes below the games

Welcome to Our Arcade

This is a demo of the Altercoder Basic Arcade Script. The script is available from It is currently free to use, if you give us a link back on each site you use it on, or care to kick in a donation for each site you wish to remove the link from, and a game pack is available for it for a small fee. Naturally, we can also install things for a small fee as well.

We should also warn you that the site might start doing weird things from time to time, as you reload the page even. This is usually because we are working on it in front of your eyes lol. Please be patient if things go haywire, and keep trying. Meanwhile, please enjoy!.

Thank you, the admin staff.

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Bomber Bob - You have to protect the ship by shooting down the planes Jumping Circle 3 - 1 or 2 player shooting game. Shooting Targets - This is a first person shooter games. Shoot everything accept the teddy bear. You will lose 25 for shooting each teddy bear. Plucky Office Getaway - Very simple 1st person shooter that take place in office cubicle Tsunami - Really fast pace first person shooter with mission to stop the terrorists from getting the time travel system Trech - Kill all enemy soldiers and make sure the mission is successful Alien Final Terminator - Protect Earth by shooting missiles at the invading aliens! Obsoleter - Earn points by shooting targets as much as you can in the time allocated. A.L.I.A.S 2 - This is the sequel to A. L. I. A. S. with 3 difficulties level to choose from. Crazy Castle - Purchase various type of weapons such as crossbows, pistols, UZIs, lasers, plasma guns and more to destroy the incoming intruders Ewoks - Shoot the annoying little teddy bear. You must earn at least 400 points in order to advance to the next level. Dirt Dragons - This game is based on Tremors 4. You get to use 4 most deadly firearms in 1889 to kill the dirt dragons Contra - A popular platform shooting game created for Nintendo - it is now remake in Flash Santos - Use the mouse to control the fighter jet and shoot the enemies V: Force - V-Force is a simpel vertical shooter game
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Brainiac - Learn and translate the alien language into English Guess 5 - Try to guess the 5-letter word in as few attempt as possible. Solve the puzzle quickly to earn bonus points Slider Mania - A sliding puzzle game Memory - Another memory game. Penguin Push - A sokoban clone using different graphical theme Happy Pill - Place the happy pill to bounce un-healthy frowns upside down! Cube Buster - Clear all square as quickly as possible Puzzle Maniax - There are about 10 puzzles in this collection. Each puzzle have 30 pieces Puzzle - Test your matching skill by matching puzzlse into correct places Y2K Tetris Game - Remake of the classic game - Tetris Mindwarp - Mindwarp is a simple game of memory - just follow the sequence. Boxes - Extremely tough puzzle game Abduction - Move the animals to the spacecraft tiles Tangram - Tangram is 7 pieces of basic shapes that can be combined to form wonderful geometric figures Man In Black - The objective of this game is to win the game by taking the last sphere Jungle Crash - Remove pieces by matching at least 3 of the same kind
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Blackjack - Colusseum Casino Blackjack Video Pker - Video poker game in Flash Let It Ride - This is one of the Casino games that make use of Poker rules Blackjack - This is a nice Blackjack games that allow playing upto 5 hands at once Keno - Test your luck in this Keno game with 80 numbers Blackjack - Blackjack is one of the most popular Casino games Caribbean Poker - Pay upto 100 for 1 in this Caribbean Poker if you manage a Royal Flush Solitaire - Solitaire with actress card back America Poker II - 5 Cards Poker game Fruit Machine - Pull the lever on this slot machine and win some big money Flash Poker - Poker game in Flash for betting Spin to Win - Single reel slot machine Poker Machine - Poker slot machine Roulette - Place your bet on the roulette Blackjack - One of the most popular Casino games Casino - Bad Kingdom In Wald - This is a Casino roulette game
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My Head - The customers Mario Gandalf (LOTR) - Gandy lost his pipe - so he must travel back to retrieve it. Collect gold coin along the way Aquarium Fischen - Throwing boom stick into aquarium! Knasa Noid - Good mod of the original Arkanoid - it use circle instead of sqaure Hacky Sack JR - Keep the ball in the air as long as possible - collect balloons for combos! Asteroids Duel - Fly around and attacke your opponent. Shoot and upgrade weapons, speed and movement. Casse-Briques - Arkanoid in pixelated and black& white screen Fly On Drugs - Flying Obstacles course - but this time you are not piloting a plane, you are a fly in search of food Paranoia - As adam Cassidy you are forced into corporae espionage. You will be in Trion Systems HQ in search of documents of their secret technology Mack Infect Evolve Repeat - Control and evolve the virus to infect more red blood cell Mars Fighter - Obtain powerful power-ups and devices to fight against the invading alien more effectively Bad Shadow Brothers - Mixing the ice with bubbles Flash Tank - Control the power and angle to eliminate the enemy tank. Ace Of Space - Horizontal space shooter. Shoot as many astroids as possible
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Slingshot - Play "dodge-ball" with stones! Los Simpsons - Hit anyone that comes into the screen. Test for yourself which character is most dangerous. 2D Knock Out - Control the mouse to punch your enemy. Tha Viruz - Shoot whatever appear on screen to wins! Commando Arena - Pilot the mech in this top view mech fighting game Power Fox - A unique 2 player fighting games with funny opponents and fantastic power-ups for pickup Kaboom - This is a very simple yet addictive game - just stop the bomb with all you can Bug on a Wire - Stay on the wire and don¡¯t get eaten by birds! 3 Foot Ninja II - Sequel to a great fighting game with a cute ninja character. Action Driving Game - Drive the BMW to the Eiffel Tower Superbike GP - This is a 3D bike racing game King of Fighters - KOF is a popular fighting game Jackie Chan - Superfighter - Jackie Chan fighting game Snowboard Challenge - Compete in the snowboard challenge. Alien Clones - Attack the enemy walker in this fast pace game King of the Hill - In King of the Hill, you have to protect your castle with the limited weapons that you have.
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Slim Boy - Basketball shooting game Flash Golf - 3D Flash Golf game with realistic graphic Monkey Curling - A sports game of curling with a catch - throw the monkey! Net Blazer - 3-Point basketball practise 4x4 Rally - 4x4 rally game. You will race in multiple tracks with different terrain type Drive And Dodge - Dodge the other car in this racing game with unique game element Euro 2000 Penalty Shootout - Avoid the goalkeeper and shoot the ball. Mini Pool - A great pool game done in Flash for PC 3D Pool - Quick pool game as you only have limited time to pocket them Mini Golf - Another Mini Golf game that can be play on your desktop Rural Racer - Exciting car races in a small town Hot Shots - shoot the basketballs into the moving basket before time runs out Blast Billiards - In this billiard game, you have limited time to pocket all the ball, or else the bomb will explode World Cup Soccer Tournament - 3-a-side soccer game with multiple difficulties settings Soccer Ball - Keep the ball in the air as long as possible. Batting Champ - Baseball batting game with realistic 3D character rendering
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Airballs - Try to keep the ball in the air by bouncing them with your head Super MPCorp. Land 1 - Guide the bird into the land of MPCorp Buzzer - Move the ring out from the wire without touching the wire! A stable hand is required! UFO 101 - Learn to fly the newly purchased UFO Wacky Faces - Design your own wacky face Proposal Kit - Win More Bids, Close More Deals! Chio - Guide all snakes out of the room Sheep Cull - Try to hit 50 sheeps with your 50 bullets Fowl Words - Make up as many words as you can in the time allocated Flash trek: Assault - Manage your space station and defense against hordes of alien invading ships. Jenga - Play Jenga on PC with your mouse - steady hand required Letter Rip - Try to form as many words as possible by clicking on adjacent tiles; Minimum word length is 3 3D Roll On - A 3D game that test your mouse control skill - guide the ball Chicken Reader - This is a chicken that can read your mind. Try it for yourself! Kill Fred Durst - Kill Fred Durst with 11 methods War Games - This is a war games using paintball gun - you have to go against 3 opponents in each levels.