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AlterCoder Arcade Script Demo - Come have fun!
Random Free Game - Aqua Massaqua


Description: Row the boat toward the right direction and avoid being eaten by shark

Welcome to Our Arcade

This is a demo of the Altercoder Basic Arcade Script. The script is available from It is currently free to use, if you give us a link back on each site you use it on, or care to kick in a donation for each site you wish to remove the link from, and a game pack is available for it for a small fee. Naturally, we can also install things for a small fee as well.

We should also warn you that the site might start doing weird things from time to time, as you reload the page even. This is usually because we are working on it in front of your eyes lol. Please be patient if things go haywire, and keep trying. Meanwhile, please enjoy!.

Thank you, the admin staff.

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